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All Undergraduate and Graduate students must use the student form.


Note, all amounts are in Canadian dollars, and, if you are having problems with this form, please email CAP or phone 343-361-3326

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NOTE: Please visit our website for a description of available membership categories and requirements. Ex: Joint memberships are only available to current ACTIVE members of the other Association; proof of membership may be requested by the CAP.
If you are newly retired, please send a request to membership@cap.ca to update your membership to the lower retired rate before completing this renewal form.

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Contributions of $100 or more makes you a Sustaining Member. Your name will also appear in our online directory of sustaining members.
Contributions of $100 or more makes you a Sustaining Member. Your name will also appear in our online directory of sustaining members.
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A NEW membership/affiliateship application includes AUTOMATIC subscriptions to CAP's electronic News Bulletins, and Newsflashes. Feel free to opt out at anytime via your online account or by using the unsubscribe feature in messages received. Your membership also includes early access to our online publication Physics in Canada (PiC) at https://pic-pac.cap.ca.
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If you have a more recent degree that makes you eligible for a different type of membership, contact us before renewing your membership and we'll add it to your record.
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NOTE: You will be able to edit the information that appears in the "Secure Online Member-only Directory" once your CAP online account has been activated.
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